Breastfeeding is an art that can be learned and Support-Lait is there to support you through all stages. Our activities are aimed at all and take place in the openness and respect of the choices of each one.

Breastfeeding Coaches

Who Are the Breastfeeding Coaches?

First and foremost, the breastfeeding coaches are mothers that have chosen to breastfeed their baby and have done so for at least 6 months. Furthermore, these women have a desire to implicate themselves and help other mothers. They have followed a 14-hour training on breastfeeding. During the training, the coaches learn the breastfeeding basics, about problems that can occur, and the principles of the aid relationship. Other training activities and resourcing activities, which include private group discussions, are also offered. The trainings and the private group discussions keep the knowledge of the coaches up-to-date and give them a chance to exchange ideas and discuss among themselves. During the exchanges and discussions, the mother’s confidentiality is always maintained. If a mother’s question surpasses the knowledge of a breastfeeding coach, the coach will get the right answers by either talking to someone or by consulting pertinent documentation.